Web design and development

we build your professional web appearance

Although we started as a marketing agency what mainly focused on leaflet distribution, in the past few years we had a couple of requests to design promotional materials or even build websites. We can proudly say: yes, we have completed this challenge and now we are ready to create stunning webdesigns and build a system on it, all by your requirements.

It can't go wrong. We will hold your hands from the beginning till the very end of the project (and beyond).
You will get a state-of-the-art website or e-commerce site with a straightforward admin space.

Web Design

Beauty is king. There is only one chance to make a first impression. Nowadays most of us is making this in the online space. All businesses should take this chance by having a stunning website.
And it does start with the design.
We offer 2 different options: you can chose a professional template, tailor it to your own branding and build a system on it OR you get a unique design from us and build your system on that original, flexible, tailor-made look. Anything is possible, the limit is only your imagination but our design team can help to stress that to the sky.


The creative work is done so we are ready to build your website or e-commerce. Most development studios are using some open source systems like wordpress to do this but we went for a much more flexible and safer option.
We have built our own system. It has been designed to be flexible and tailored to every clients' individual needs. There is no unnecessary and unused features in the admin space. Content can be added, deleted or changed without a hassle. This system is not open source, meaning that it’s more flexible when it comes to changing features in the future and also much more protected.

Your own

What is a CMS? CMS means Content Management System. But why is it important? Because you can edit your content or create new ones here. Thanks to our system, our clients can get access to an admin space that was created by their requirements.
What can you do with our system? Create albums, change all the wording on your site, create new pages, change pictures or other details. Most content can be modified when needed without paying an expert to do so. Forget about getting lost in the admin, you'll never have to give up modifications anymore just because it's was too complicated. It will be nice and easy.

What you
really need

We often experience that clients want something but they don't exactly know what.

If this is the case with you, that's where we can help. We will try to understand your business routines, checking on your competitors and make a small market research. Then, based on the information we gained, using our professional experience we will advise what we think you really need. We can guarantee that this will meet your requirements.